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Matthew 28:19

In 2019 we’ve had our first team return from an incredible trip to Guatemala.  

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Aleece Diaz

Aleece has been serving in Haiti on short-term mission trips since 2011. Although she has felt more at home in Haiti than anywhere else she has ever lived, it wasn’t until 2013 that she started exploring the possibility of serving long term in Haiti as a medical missionary. That dream, in alignment with God’s plan, is finally coming to fruition and promise! Aleece recently graduated from Mercer University’s Physician Assistant Program in Atlanta, GA, so that she may return to Haiti to serve long-term as a medical missionary with Haiti Health.

Ministries (HHM) in Gressier, Haiti.
HHM is a small, faith based ministry relying on God for its funding; 100% of donations received go directly to ministry, and all HHM missionaries are funded by donor support. The clinic employs both western trained medical practitioners, as well as Gressier residents and community members. Although she has committed to a minimum of two years, Aleece plans on being at HHM for many years to come, and have thoroughly prayed about and discussed her 10-year plan and vision for her role at the clinic with the HHM board.

Aleece’s ministry vision for her first couple of years will be to continue to grow in wisdom serving as a medical provider, to become more proficient in speaking Creole, as well as to gain a better understanding of the Haitian culture so that she may better serve her patients and neighbors. She hopes to share the love of Christ with the HHM staff and patients, and to deepen her relationships with her Haitian friends. Outside of the clinic she hopes to restart the Bible study she began in 2015 with some of the neighborhood youth, God willing, as well as to get well established into a Haitian church, to join a Bible study with local missionaries, and to continue to get to know her community and expand her street outreach however the Lord may lead. Aleece is excited to begin this new season, and looks forward to all that God has planned!

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